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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Scavenged Blogs

So, I feel like writing a blog but I'm too lazy to actually write one out at moment so I'll just steal some old rambling from about a year or so ago from another blog of mine.

So some more stupid rambling about the Universe...

Before I had discussed how the latest thoughts are that the Big Bang was not a singular phenomenon... but that our Universe marked a beginning but also an event that had happened before... a continual growing and shrinking, a contracting and expanding... I like to think of the Universe as a beating heart... well anyways.. what about OUR universe in it’s particular permutation...?

Well, it began as one incredibly small blob smaller than you could see with your eyes, or a microscope... incredibly tiny... imagine the entirety of the universe smaller than a grain of sand... incredibly hot full of the potential for all life and all of time... the source of every laugh and every tear to come afterwords....

This little tiny guy was a little seed, just like a new love in your heart... full of energy and potential for anything and everything... There are four forces in our universe, gravity, eltcromagnetism, strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force... theoretically at the beginning, when the universe was smaller than a molecule containing everything, all of these forces where one force... one force contained in all of the matter and energy for everything and everyone and this whole world...

Most likely, gravity left and escaped from this ultimate force causing an incredible dispersion and inflation at which point the universe expanded faster than the speed of light... this is why the Universe is fairly uniform and as big as it can be even though it’s something like... forgive on dates.. I’m terrible at them... but somewhere around 13.7billion years old I believe?? But larger than it should be at this age if it was expanding only at the speed of light...

So this one force jumps ship and the rest release as well eventually into their separate parts...

at the inception of this and during inflation there were only hydrogen atoms and a few of them got together and made some helium particles... then a little down the line crazy stuff like light comes to be and gravity, maybe missing being together with the rest of it’s forces.. what if the original force was love? Yeah, I’m babbling but it’s 3 in the morning and NPR is not lulling me to sleep, this is what you get for reading my blog! So anyways gravity broke up the band so from now on it’s trying get everyone back together... where has the love gone and all that... gravity pulls these balls of hydrogen and helium together into these crazy gaseous balls called stars and this crazy thing called fusion starts to happen... insane!

So anyways, these stars drawn together by gravity begin fusing protons and neutrons and electrons into bigger and heavier atoms... nitrogen.. oxygen... carbon... all that good stuff... and it throws all of this out into this crazy new universe and gravity grabs onto these things and they come together into these crazy things called planets... I mean.. it’s a little crazy, but basically everything except for the hydrogen and helium on our planet, every cell in your body, every chemical that causes any reaction in your body, every bit of every smile and every frown for you and your friends, and everyone you’ve ever known and everyone they’ve ever known... all of it, well most of it... comes from our star the Sun... all of us are just bits of the sun which have been pulled together by this poor guy gravity... this force who’s trying to pull us all back together again... every piece of you and me and everyone around us comes from the sun... we are all the same with a few differences... all of us the result of these four forces... all from the same little seed, all together and alone....

Some day we’ll all be pulled together again to be remixed and started anew... but it all began at one point... all of us... everything... smaller than a grain of sand...

someday we’ll be there again... every particle starts and finishes in the same place...

If I don't see you before I'll see you there and we can share the stories of our former Universe and the new one to come.

yup, that’s all the nothing I have to talk about at the moment.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Real Blog to Come.... here's this for now.

Walt Whitman (1819–1892). Leaves of Grass. 1900.

98. Ah Poverties, Wincings and Sulky Retreats

AH poverties, wincings, and sulky retreats!
Ah you foes that in conflict have overcome me!
(For what is my life, or any man’s life, but a conflict with foes—the old, the incessant war?)
You degradations—you tussle with passions and appetites;
You smarts from dissatisfied friendships, (ah wounds, the sharpest of all;)
You toil of painful and choked articulations—you meannesses;
You shallow tongue-talks at tables, (my tongue the shallowest of any;)
You broken resolutions, you racking angers, you smother’d ennuis;
Ah, think not you finally triumph—My real self has yet to come forth;
It shall yet march forth o’ermastering, till all lies beneath me;
It shall yet stand up the soldier of unquestion’d victory.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy BDay little Chris

Hey, today is my cousin's BDay and I just wanted to say happy bday to him here. I've been saving my bday cake and I'll be eating it today as well, so it's kind of like a co-bday party on two continents. And we all get cake. Pretty excited about that.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Bday

So, I had the best BDay ever.  More like a Bday week.  I did a lot... most of it was legal, like 80% wasn't morally reproachable... so that's not too bad right?  Thanks to everyone for all the BDay wishes and all the BDay cards.  I got a new camera from my mom so now I can start posting up more pictures and she requested seeing where I live.... Get ready for the most boringest slide show of all time.    Here it is.

My walk to school.

My New Place

Ok, now that I have a camera again I promise to take a bunch of pictures and put them up here until someone destroys this new one too.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Palm Reading...

Yes, I'm that bored.  I looked up some palmreadery online and this is what my palm say about me and my future!  I had one of my Korean students read my palm for me once and she just looked at it and smiled at me.  She refused to tell me what my palm said but said I should marry her.

My Heart Line
-falls in love easily
-freely expresses emotions and feelings
-some emotional trauma

My Head Line
-adventure, enthursiasm for life
-thinking is clear and focused
-momentous decisions

My Life Line
-plenty of engergy
-strength and enthusiams
-extra vitality

My Fate Line
-self-made indivdiaul; develops aspirations early on

The Shape of My Hand
- spontaneous, enthusiastic and optimistic
-sometimes egoistic, impulsive and insensitve
-do things boldy and intuitively

Some advanced readings....
-the long length of my ring finger denotes that I may have artistic talent as well as a reckless and wild nature.
-my straight fingers represent honest, direct and clear headed.
-soft heart

on all of my fingers I have the same types of knuckles which represent I am a person whose intellect and practicality work well together.  A strong instictive drive is charactersitc of well-developed knuckles.

the balls of my fingers show a strong intellect and courtesy of the mind

Finger Spacing
-the distance between my pinky finger and wring finger indicate an independent mind.
-the closeness of my wring and middle finger suggest that I have an art related life and fate will aid me in success.
-the distance between my index and middle finger suggest that my success will come from somewhere other than my own goals and dreams.

Some smaller lines-
Health Line
-the triangle it forms with my heart and head lines is referred to as the "lucky triangle".  The broad angle indicates very good luck.

Fame Line
-likely to have fame in the arts

Marriage Line(s)
unclear but I believe mine indicates a marriage (as opposed to affairs or separations, etc.)

Money Line
The line running to my ring finger cutting through the Fame Line indicates money obtained through luck and surprise

Line of Intuition-represnts intuitiveness (duh)

Oh my goodness.. there is more and I am still bored!  Now the 'Mounts'
Jupiter mount-kind, more interested in respect than wealth.
Saturn-responsible, hard-working, aloof, gloomy
Apollo-proud, flatterer, extravagent
Mercury-clever, crafty, competitive
Inner Mars-Aggresive, argumentative
Plain of Mars-Uses the qualities of the heart head and destiny lines
Outer Mars-Strong-willed
Venus-Affectionate, sympathetic
Neptune-artistic talent, Charasimatic
Luna-Lovers of nature and beauty, immagintive

Dominant Mounts-
Venus-represents love/affection/passion
Lower Mars-represents physical courage

Okay, there are about 100 other things to look at in the 'degrees of the palm' but believe it or not I am not that bored.

Interesting Article..

It's terribly written but it does give a little humanizing perspective of those on the other side of this rift.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

My mother told me...

... that I need to stop swearing even if this is my blog and that I should proof read my blogs because she can't believe that I'm an English teacher after reading my writing.

Since tomorrow is mother's day I guess I'll start proof-reading and stop swearing as much. She also informed me that it's bum-fuck nowhere not butt-fuck nowhere. See, look who's swearing now. Where do you think I learned this kind of language.

Love ya mom. Happy Mother's Day!